Connie Kirby earns Distinguished Service Award

Connie Kirby WebConnie Kirby Earns Food Safety Magazine Distinguished Service Award

Food Safety Magazine has announced this year’s winner of their prestigious Distinguished Service Award. It is none other than our very own Connie Kirby! The award will be presented on Tuesday, July 28 at the Awards Reception and Banquet at the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

The Food Safety Magazine Distinguished Service Award honors individuals who best exemplify the characteristics of the dedicated food safety professional. The honored are recognized by members of the profession for their collective work in promoting and advancing science-based solutions for food safety issues. No one better exemplifies these award qualifications than Connie.


Her outstanding commitment to food safety is reflected in her unparalleled contributions past and present to the Northwest food processing community, particularly her impact on food safety leadership, regulatory affairs and communication, as well as advancing the knowledge and expertise of food safety professionals in our region.


I am hoping that many of you will be able to attend. We can help attendees from around the world understand how truly lucky we are to have had Connie working with the association and its members for so many years. I cannot think of anyone more deserving.


International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting
July 25-28, 2015 in Portland, Oregon
(Awards Reception and Banquet is in the evening of July 28)


Sustainability Micro Case Studies II: Submit your story

Micro Case Studies Book Cover

Sustainable business practices are not a trend or fad; they are part of successful business growth and management. Food processing companies and their suppliers are adopting sustainable business models.

Many companies have invested in projects, both large and small, to become more sustainable, yet this work is practically unknown and unrecognized by the public, customers, and regulatory and policy decision-makers. The food processing industry is quite modest about its accomplishments and seldom talks about the actions of the industry and its suppliers of equipment, services and resources. Yet these actions have benefited our communities, our workers and the environment. The industry cares and is committed to making a difference. Unfortunately, many members of the public, customers, legislators and regulators assume that if companies have not communicated what they are doing to become more sustainable, they are not doing anything.



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Early bird opens today, April 30th and will run through June 15th or until 250 booths are reserved. Last year early bird ended after only 29 days, so don't miss out. Download your application here and view the floor map at

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IEDC Recognizes Oregon Food Processing Industry


International Economic Development Council Gold Award
Recognizes Oregon Food Processing Industry Revitalization—
7.8 percent industry growth and an additional 517 jobs

Bucking a national trend, Oregon’s food manufacturing sector grew 7.8% over the last 10 years, despite the “Great Recession.” By carefully coordinating job training and development efforts with investment capital, the food processing industry realized an increase of 517 jobs, a $5.8 million return on investment to state revenue, and $13.1 million saved by 40 companies with revitalization projects.


WSU/UI Food Science Program Students

Looking for a new hire? Review resumes of students in the Food Science program at University of Idaho/Washington State University.